There’s always a deliverable


Sorry, this article is totally incomplete. Please bug me if you think I should complete it. The idea is that to formulate a deliverable (outcome) for your effort is good for you over the long term.

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— Teodor 2022-09-21

In tactical work, there’s a deliverable. In strategic work, there’s a deliverable.

Just because realized end user value is further away, that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver something specific. We just have to define our impact in terms of an intermediate goal, not the end state.

Strong values make intermediate goals easier. With strong values, simply staying true to your values is a goal in itself.

First, the default — write journal. Something like My public journal.

what do I want to put in this article?

Idea: apply Capability, feature and assembly to knowledge work. A capability is a mental model, a definition. A utility (feature) provides value in a context. As a text, it motivates why. (see Aphorisms, number 5). An assembly solves for discovery. How can I know what’s available? Where do I start?