Asymmetry and power in discovery


I believe in distributing and reifying intent. Yet, during discovery there are asymmetries in experience, intent and context. People are not equal.

Then what?

Oh, I think I know.

  1. Treat people fairly
  2. Don’t assume people know, build shared understanding
  3. Say no when required.

Perhaps it’s that easy :)

I expected this to be hard to impossible. But respect for the self, the work and others seems to just … solve it?

Also, don’t get mad. Getting mad doesn’t help.

Then … how do we enable others to push intent back?

I think I know that one too :) Do discovery in a system everyone can explore.

  1. Everyone can contribute
  2. Everyone can read anything


  1. Don’t break ownership. Don’t rewrite other people’s ideas. Rather, build on them. Make your own.

So … how do we get this into the blood, tears and daily habits of real people? We simply … do. We use it as a medium for communication. Lead by example! Prototype in it!!

Sidenote: I’m enjoying the new Pandoc style. There’s more trailing whitespace than before. Meaning I don’t normally need to add my own trailing lines.