Towards an iterated game

Intent: bring ideas to life. Discuss, sharpen, play. Minimize the distance between intent and reality.

Process: Aim intent towards curiosity — explore — refactor towards orthogonality. Embrace remix culture. Legibility is a partially provided affordance, not a design constraint.

Status: work in progress, plenty of rough edges. But you’re very much welcome to have a look around 🤗

Most content on this site is authored by Teodor Heggelund (

Content that’s ready for the eyes of others

Feel free to have a look :)

Things I believe:

Things I’ve written:

Other people’s idea playgrounds

Ideas are best shared! Some choose to share ideas in public. I think that’s good.

In alphabetical order:

Forever incomplete

Some content is eventually done. Not journals.


(Doom) Emacs learning journalOpen problemsTeodor’s public-personal Rolling retrospective

Norwegian content

Not everybody speaks Norwegian. But some do!

Seeds, drafts and vague ideas, feel free to skip.

Or have a peek. Expect messy, incomplete rambling. Consider letting me know if you find a title for a text you’d like to read!

“Strong opinions loosely held” is an excuse for sloppy thinking · 10X fanout · A “read it later” strategy that works · A bitemporal worldview · A list of awesome websites · A perfect day · An Emacs Lisp rosetta for Clojurians · An interactive Clojure journey · Asymmetry and power in discovery · Babashka pods for beginners · Bimodal strategies · Bink: Bookmarks are just data · Build Your Own Little Memex with Babashka · Bumblebee · C learning journal · Charles Comstock’s sketches · Code sandbox · Daniel Slutsky · Dave Liepmann · Del det som er på kanten av hva du kan · Discover the difference · Do you dare be the judge of quality? · Don’t assume trust. Build trust. · Don’t hide dragons in the dark · Enter the Forest at its Darkest Point · Epistemology for product discovery · FUSE · Facing burnout, finding meaning and making space for deep work · Factoring Knowledge · Factorio dedicated server · Fast feedback, wide feedback, no branching · Feedback loops, interface design and how stuff works · Formal theory, informal relations · Git commit messages should be good, right? · Good code as good explanations · Good epistemology · Graph navigators · Grokking Simplicity · Holding one’s ideas so tightly they suffocate · Hourglass architecture - concept capture and references · How to build ideas · How to design for a solarpunk aesthetic · How to grow knowledge together · How to port a Unix pipeline to a Babashka script · How to solve problems · How to use Twitter · Hypertext: The medium is the message · I want to learn Nix · I want to learn design · Intent, Relationships, Action · Interface, Perception, Design · Iterate Knowledge Archipelago · J (programming language) · Jacket Interactive · Latin hypercube sampling · Learning to discover · Learning to play support · Let the WIP simmer · Library: makefile-edn · List of people who stand out · Liste over opsjoner på presentasjoner · Literature Notes · Lost in specificity · Mewtwo · Minimize the number of moving pieces · Modeling knowledge with RDF · OGGPOW: A strategic framework for optionality · OKRs are scale invariant · Oddmunds liste over ideer uten kropp · One Good Goal Plus Options · Opt-in hierarchies · Orthogonality enables optionality · Perception is reality. Perception is not reality. · Play stupid games, win stupid prizes · Please talk to me about stuff that doesn’t fit! · Polyglot programming from an abundence mindset · Practice deliberatley with journals · Prefer narrow statements · Principle of Charity · Product discovery for software developers · Product owner, project manager, product leader · Programmer, cultivate your curiosity! · Proof of Work · Purposeful Software Development · Put the syringe into thine own arm · Quantifying where my writing effort goes · Remote Clerk workshop for Scicloj-adjacent people (2022-10) · Scicloj 2022-10: knowledge management on · Scicloj is awesome · Scicloj libraries and tools · Seven reasons you should write shit down · Shabakka · Shades of Deep Green · Sindre · Software architecture as capability, feature and assembly · Software architecture as langauge construction · Static-dynamic interaction · Sterility, mess and utility · Strong relations · Teodor’s school system · The Commons · There’s always a deliverable · Thesis, anitthesis, synthesis · Training, collaboration, delivery · Understanding Clojure’s datafy and nav · Unix signals: a crash course · Utility is Contextual · When having many small functions is bad · Why don’t we have a strategy? · Working with XML on the web · Write drunk, edit sober · Writing documentation is best viewed as creative work · Writing is fake · You are a knowledge worker · attention design · attention-later · bb-install · dbx · defer the trust problem · disgust sensitivity · dots · dynamic initiative · dynamic-index · execution for developers · existentialism · grace, charity, joy · iki: knowledge iterated · img · inspiration-howto · knowledge playlist · little memex · microtheory · not good enough, no fire · pandoc-edn · phenomenology · planning · precise, general, novel · software-architecture · support, challenge, carry · tech learning ladder · tensor calculus 101 · tools · trust, shared sense of quality and shared intent · value in context · via negativa · watchexec make dev

Seeds and vague ideas in Norwegian, feel free to skip.

CSS-animasjoner på · Ikke anta tillit. Bygg tillit. · Kosekoding · Kreativitet til salgs · Spillkoding med litt spilldesign · Symptomer på dårlig lederskap · Terminalen: Hvordan løpe med motorsag · Tillit, kvalitet og intensjon i relasjoner: en mentalmodell for å få ting gjort · kos.clj

Remote references

Pointers to people, places, artifacts, interlaced with some commentary.

Adam Wiggins · Alex Miller · Amedia · Anders Haugeto · Anthem (Leonard Cohen) · Antifragile · Array programming · Babashka · Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style? · Chris Nuernberger · Clerk · Clojure · Clojure Data Cookbook · Clojure Deref · Clojureverse · Colin Smith · Dark Agile · Datomic · David Deutsch · Denotational Design · Dustin Getz · Electric Clojure · Elements of Clojure · Empowered · Eric Raymond · Exploring onboarding success, organizational fit, and turnover intention of software professionals · Extreme Ownership · Go (programming language) · Ida Aanes · Impose limitations and eliminate variance · In a Box · Jack Rusher · Jeremy Vuillermet · Joakim Sellevold · Jocko Willink · John Backus · Karl Popper · Kira McLean · Kristian Collin Berge · Leonard Cohen · Lessons learned teaching Elm to kids · Mark McGranaghan · Martin Fowler · Marty Cagan · Mathbox · Metamuse (podcast) · Nassim Taleb · OLORM · Ole Jacob · OpenFOAM · Pandoc · Peter Naur · Peter Strömberg · Programming as Theory Building · Quil · Rich Hickey · Rust (programming language) · Sam Ritchie · Scicloj · Scicloj visual-tools · Scittle · Simone de Beauvoir · Simple Made Easy · Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed · Steven Pressfield · Systems Thinking - Notes and Resources, by Robert Stuttaford · The Art of Unix Programming · The Bed of Procrustes · The Beginning of Infinity · The Courage to Be Disliked · The Ethics of Ambiguity · The Pragmatic Programmer · The Value of Values · The War of Art · Trillion Dollar Coach · Unicad · Werner Hetzog · Woolit · Zach Tellman · browsetxt · coachability · dtype-next · friendly ambitious nerd · fzf · growth mindset · introspect (book) · it’s not about you · lindy compatibility · · · sqlite · sqlitebrowser · the Clojurians Slack · twitter rpg strategy guide.txt · visa · visakanv’s 50yr “plan” for global nerd network [wip]

Efforts at “writing things down together” commonly fail because:

  1. We put things prematurely into large hierarchies that collapse
  2. The inability to critique the hierarchy itself — and iterate on the hierarchy
  3. The inability to have separate hierarchies
  4. More abstractly — we need a fractal structure, not a hierarchical one.
  5. Unclear content authority — whose content is this? Who is responsible?
  6. Mixing good stuff and bad stuff makes the good stuff hard to find
  7. It’s hard to find any good stuff whatsoever
  8. It’s hard to find anything that’s not on the front page
  9. It’s impossible to build other views than the default
  10. It’s impossible to embed things that should not be built at all

I include this list as a personal reminder.

What is this?

Good question! What this is is perhaps less useful than what this is for.

Then, what is this for?

It’s for playing with ideas. Good ones, but mostly bad ones. Toss them around. Light them on fire. Then watch the smoke rise!

I talked about how I use this page on a meetup. The recording is available:

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