Similarly, product managers must be problem solvers as well. They are not trying to design the user experience, or architect a scalable, fault‐tolerant solution. Rather, they solve for constraints aligned around their customer’s business, their industry, and especially their own business. Is this something their customers need? Is it substantially better than the alternatives? Is it something the company can effectively market and sell, that they can afford to build, that they can service and support, and that complies with legal and regulatory constraints?

By Marty Cagan and Chris Jones.

I’ve learned a lot about product management from Kristian Collin Berge.

In December 2020, he recommended I read a book called Empowered.

I wrote a bit (Norwegian) about my takeaways from chapter 1:

Første kapittel skiller mellom dev teams, feature teams og empowered teams

Forkortet fra sammendraget til kapittel 1:

Reading Empowered fundamentally changed my view on how to build products.

Big thank you to Kristian and Marty Cagan.