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Dionysos's headache was thundering.
His eyes flashed across the room.
Nobody had discovered him dozing off.
Or at least, they had the courtesy not to mention it.

Bleak grey walls were lit by light devoid of emotion.
It wasn't good, it wasn't bad.
It didn't emit any emotion whatsovever.
It was thoroughly neutral.

Dionysis asked himself again what he had gotten himself into.
Those darn humans, which he could never understand why Zeus cared so much about.
And now, those humans needed to be managed?
It was below his stature to waste a good day in sea of bleakness.
But he was not one to defy his father outright.
So he endured.

"... Dionysos!"
Hermes was staring at him.
His attention had been wandering again.
Yesterday's affairs were still not entirely out of his system.
    "I was asking about your status report, Dionysos.
We've been through this before.
What did you do yesterday, do you have any blockers, what are you going to do today.

His studies, that was how it started.
His studies.
    "I've been continuing my human studies.
The anthropos.
I find them ... surprising at times."

Apollo glared at him.
    "For heavens sake, answer the question!
This isn't your personal therapy session.
We're here to to a job!
The /entire project/ is human studies.
Just report, then we can continue."

Dionysos glanced back.
He didn't appreciate Apollo's rules.
They felt hollow.
    "I conducted a closely observed experiment on human response to alcohol and music.
The results are positive, and require future work.
We're out of nectar.
My next experiment starts at three o clock."

    "Whose /terribly/ bright idea was it that we bring Dionysos into this project, Hermes?"
Hermes shrugged.
    "Your father did mention something about balance, Apollo.
Life and death.
Heavens and earth.
Chaos and order.
That sort of thing."

Apollo snorted.
    "We're wasting our time.
I have a hundred things I could be doing.
Why should I even care what slow-walking monkeys are doing?
We need to /pick up the pace/"!
The sun chariot is waiting outside, I will not delay another sunrise for this drunkard.

    "In that case, let's wrap it up."
Hermes closed his notebook, and the meeting was over.


Hermes pushed into the wind, and it folded itself apart from him.
He loved his job, most of the time.
Sunrise and grapes in Olympus, message exchange and chatter with the king of Thebes, before he picked up speed over the Mediterranean.
    "We're slow."
He thought to himself.
    "Why are we so slow?"
Epimetheus had been so convincing.
    "You need structure!
Otherwise, you won't get anywhere."
Apollo had been nodding emphatically.



prometheus, epimetheus

epimetheus back-explaining - with examples.
        Perhaps premordial myths is a bit too early.
        Good examples?


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