Git commit messages should be good, right?


I sometimes write bad commit messages. Here on, I write particularly bad commit messages. See for yourself:

$ (cd ~/dev/teodorlu/ && git log --oneline | head -n 20)
2e62af6 Add foreign resources
0c6ed67 THink
79910d8 Documentation
01ff964 Wanna learn C
bc032b4 Org-roam needs a restart sometimes
1a67b49 Shake it up
d269acd Count WTF pages and non-wtf pages
e3c3021 List recently changed pages
cd66293 😁
955907e Remove double
975fe76 New global Makefile target
d7c4c03 Go
9d7db8f Make makefile
346e402 Make makefile
a8a69e8 Regenerate index
1ac8b21 watchexec make dev
534bc21 Remove unused variable
3ad6cbb Comma is better.
e78ee41 THink
51befa8 Define strategy


In certain contexts, I value a near-zero threshold for changing things more than I value the ledger of changes. This is absolutely context dependent. Dependent on what?

factor impact action
Many people working on project One person messing around will cause confusion Don’t mess around in the commit log
Codebase is changed frequently You remember what’s there Don’t fear, change, try. If bad, revert
Codebase is changed infrequently Effort to get into context outweighs effort to apply change Prioritize good CI, know the impact of what you’re changing.