Iterate Knowledge Archipelago



Where is other people’s content?

Iterate people:

Iterate friends:

Who should I ask for help?

Richard? Nils? Henrik? Andreas? Mats?

What should I ask for?

Guest content on

Ask them to create their own stuff?

Contribute “views” on content that follows the Iterate Knowledge Archipelago Protocol?

IKAP haha

Or just Iterate Knowledge Protocol - IKP


Initial call to action to start building our knowledge archipelago.


Lobbied heavily for people to take part


I want:

  1. Separate islands of content
  2. A collaboratively worked-on index into the system
    1. Ask Ole Jacob to help?
    2. Can it be just frontend?
      1. Redeploy to register new sites
      2. cache index in indexeddb/ localstorage
      3. refresh index on each new page load
    3. Consider having it work with Iterbart

Possible process name: bottom-up knowledge synthesis

Me likey.

Efforts at “writing things down” commonly fail because of:

  1. Prematurely putting things into large hierarchies
  2. The inability to critique the hierarchy itself — and iterate on the hierarchy
  3. The inability to have separate hierarchies
  4. More abstractly — we need a fractal structure, not a hierarchical one.
  5. Poor authority separation
  6. Bad effects from intermixing drafts and completed stuff
  7. Hard to find the good stuff
  8. Hard to search — index
  9. Hard to build views
  10. Hard to embed small things we’d want to share

How/who should I ask for help?

Richard? Nils? Henrik? Andreas?

Well, everyone, really. People bring stuff to the table.

But — it’s easier to help if you’re asked about something specific. Where — specifically — can I ask for help?

I can ask Ole Jacob to help design an UI / view for the collected works of everyone. I can ask Richard for content.

Which things should I ask for?


Asked Richard if he wanted to publish own stuff or publish stuff on



Quick status


More progress!

Quick status