Jacket Interactive



Idea: an interactive IKI UI with write access

early stuff

Goal: a tool for working pages here

Is this a good idea?

It would perhaps be better to think iki: knowledge iterated & loose coupling. It would be nice if:

  1. jacket could work on any IKI site
  2. jacket development could work independent of IKI development
  3. … and jacket doesn’t even need to be in here. It could just query https://play.teod.eu/index/big.edn and get started.


;; (clojure.core/load "recent_pages.clj")

(prn (+ 1 2))
(+ 1 2)
(require 'recent-pages)
(prn *file*)
(prn *file*)
(prn (babashka.fs/cwd))
(prn (babashka.fs/cwd))


I moved some experimentation in this folder off

into iki: knowledge iterated and its github repo