You are a knowledge worker


State: DRAFT

Outline (DRAFT):

  1. Heterarchical knowledge models - mental models as opt-in / useful
    1. you’ll learn a collection of mental models.
      1. mental models should be useful - “mental models as prescriptive truth” (see “truth-descriptitve-prescriptive”)
      2. mental models are options (see “optionality to the max”)
        1. Interlude please ignore - I want to refer to articles by name, and not ID. If possible.
          1. But I can live with referring to ID if I have to.
    2. This talk is an option you can choose to take.
    3. You don’t have to agree.
  2. “What is your job?”
    1. Collect answers
  3. Actually, no. You are a person. And that’s fine. You are not your work.
  4. Propose “You are a knowledge worker”
  5. Optimize for learning speed
  6. Journaling is retrospectives for your own mind
  7. Chase intent. Ask why. Make decisions. See if they work out.