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We seem to have very similar perspectives on programming. That idea construction / information logistics might have to take the front seat over implementation.

Programming Without Being Obsessed With Programming
You Don’t Read Code, You Explore It
Get Good at Idea Generation
Organizational Skills Beat Algorithmic Wizardry
Hopefully More Controversial Programming Opinions

Hopefully More Controversial Programming Opinions

It’s a mistake to introduce new programmers to OOP before they understand the basics of breaking down problems and turning the solutions into code.

I think that’s right.

Two Hundred Seventy Five Gallons Of Lube


legibility definitions:

  1. Coercive legibility. A state requires people to follow rules.
  2. Legibility as an affordance. Usable complex systems have built-in discovery mechanisms.
coercive legibility
legibility as an affordance

Here on, I try to embrace chaos, then solve for attention design and discoverability.