Marketing vs science



motivation. As I see it, marketing and science emphathise different ways of understanding reality.

Both views of reality are necessary. Science without marketing will fail to reach everyone. Ceding the ground of story will limit who you reach. Talking about theory without caring about its interpretation works when communicating with people who are already interested in your message—but has no way of reaching new people. Marketing without science builds in a real risk of being plain wrong. It does not let you talk effectively about building things that do not yet exist. It does not teach you how you can create correct theory.

A synthesis of marketing and science is powerful. You can talk crisply about what you are proposing (theory) and motivate it for real use (story). This synthesis can be achieved within one individual, by choosing whether marketing or science is the right frame for the situation. Or, more commonly, different people can embody each frame.

text outline. I don’t want to describe this view as theory. Though theory is precisely what you’ve read this far. I want story. Something like this: