Quantifying where my writing effort goes



I acquired a writing habit some time in 2017.

(Hmm, I kinda wanna graph my writing activity then too)

I started journaling in org-mode.

In the summer of 2020, Roam Research came along. Some time later, I created a “personal channel” (#teod-play) on the company Slack server.


I want this

So … I got sidetracked into writing some clojure code that shells out to git in order to do git stuff

In other words, let’s shave the yaks.


Lol, that went well.

I think my original idea was:

  1. I want a time series plot of my activity
  2. Separated by source:
    1. personal git & org-mode thing
    2. Roam Research
    3. here on play.teod.eu