Prefer narrow statements


Idea: Coordination is easier when statements are narrow

Narrow interpretation of statements requires:

A narrow statement is composed by narrow terms.

The statement will be interpreted in a context where the terms are well-defined.

Challenge: narrow statements require more precise language than vague statements.

Changing the way we speak is hard. Unfamiliar. Moving to precise language from context-laden language is hard! Why should others join me?

Should new language pieces be introduced?

I say yes

Otherwise there is no improvement

sharing new language requires communication - interplay - idea movement - idea enrichment

How should a group share knowledge?

Requirement - narrow statements

Strategy for achieving narrow statements

Pre-shared agenda of topics - “is this something you care about?”

Each topic is introduced by someone

Then there are questions / criticisms.



This makes no sense:

Wait, I remember what I meant. Narrow statements use words. The meaning of the words must be meaningful for the receiver to understand the meaning.