How do you know the dependency coordinates of the libraries you want to use?

neil-quickadd enables this approach:

  1. Scan Clojure projects you’ve downloaded for their dependencies
  2. Give you a quick, nice autocomplete for adding those dependencies in your own project.

A blacklist command is added to remove things you don’t want. For example if a dependency is available at two different places.

Usage: neil-quickadd [COMMAND] [OPT...]

Available commands:

  neil-quickadd                    ; Add a dependency with FZF
  neil-quickadd blacklist          ; Blacklist a library with FZF
  neil-quickadd blacklist-lib LIB  ; Blacklist a library with CLI
  neil-quickadd blacklist-list     ; Print blacklisted libraries
  neil-quickadd clear-index        ; Remove the index
  neil-quickadd help               ; Print subcommands
  neil-quickadd libs               ; Show the index
  neil-quickadd scan               ; Scan a folder for dependencies

Available options:

  --select-version             ; Ask the user to select versions, instead of deferring to neil defaults


  1. Go to the folder where you have cloned Clojure projects:

    cd ~/my-repos
  2. Scan the whole thing for dependencies, or scan only specific repositories:

    neil-quickadd scan .  # all deps.edn files in the current folder
                          # or in subfolders.
    neil-quickadd scan reduceco2
    neil-quickadd scan spreadknowledge  # or scan specific projects
  3. Now, quickly choose with dependencies to add.

    cd ~/my-clojure-project

    Now, pick the dependencies you want. Try it, it’s quite quick!