Personal Feedback



what + why

I’d like to have some conversations with some people about personal feedback.


  1. Ask person if they want to participate
    1. 1 hour total effort
    2. remote
    3. recorded with a Google meet
    4. later published to youtube
    5. in english
    6. recording itself should be about 10 minutes
    7. (audio-only version would be nice)
    8. recording will be published on youtube.
  2. do the thing
    1. Introduce the person. Why do I want to hear this person’s opinion? Something I’ve learned from the person.
    2. ask the questions.
      1. Either same questions for every person
      2. Or different questions for each person.
    3. ask them to “plug” something of theirs. share something they’ve done, or point towards something interesting.

Q: can I involve Julian Hallen Eriksen, Olav Moseng and Neno Mindjek?

A: Perhaps ask J, O and N each to each nominate a person they would like to have on, and do the interview for that person? O could consider the Fana leader.


specific questions for specific people

general questions

Can you tell me about a situation in which you got feedback that surprised you?

Can you tell me about a situation in which you gave feedback that was received badly?

is the topic really personal feedback?

I feel like the topic really is how to balance quality and people.