Programmer, cultivate your curiosity!



Motivation: as programmers, we should take our curiosity seriously, not squander it!

Form: apply visa’s ideas about creativity and curiosity and nerds to practicing programmers. Throw in two ounces of There’s always a deliverable, spice with What’s a good intersection between work and play?.

In other words:

  1. Explore what you like by creating and remixing
  2. Publish your creations on the web
  3. Share them with others!

Good examples of people taking their curiosity seriously, and delivering it piecemeal:

  1. Magnar Sveen and Christian Johansen in Zombieclj:
  2. Baggers pushing pixels with Lisp on youtube:
  3. Sam Ritchie playing with knowledge and physics and data visualization. See for instance the awesome-clerk list:
  4. Nils’s newsletter “Ting jeg tenker på” (Norwegian):