Purposeful Software Development



Goal: every day is purposeful.

Means: split work into:

Harvesting short term team value


  1. team works together on product discovery
  2. team prioritizes one common goal in terms of value
  3. everyone spend ~50 % of their time chasing this short term goal


Good product teams deliver value incrementally. Delivering value informs what’s valuable to learn.

Exploring together

Coaching and learning is essential.

By spending lots of time learning together, we:

  1. Share skills
  2. Share product knowledge
  3. Share architecture knowledge


You are not alone. Your team matters. It’s nice to be able to help others.

Exploring individually

Cultivate your creativity.

You are not a machine. You are a human. You have ideas.

How do you know which ones are good? You’ll have to explore. Try. Think. See what works.


Learn to trust yourself. Try things for yourself, before bringing them into the group.