Scicloj visual-tools


The goal of this group is to create collaborations in learning and building Clojure tools for data visualization and literate programming.


visual-tools meeting 18 schedule

Based on the Clojureverse thread:

  1. Welcome / chat (5-10 minutes)

  2. Does anyone have anything they want to share?

  3. (~30 minutes) Jeremy Vuillermet presents Mosaic. Mosaic is a data-oriented design tool prototype built in clojurescript and inspired by Bret Victor’s Drawing Dynamic Visualizations (embedded below).

    Jeremy’s demo:

  4. Kira McLean will share an update about the current status of the Clojure Data Cookbook

  5. Daniel Slutsky will update about using Kindly, Clay and Quarto

  6. Others? Sam Ritchie?

Teodor notes

Elena is teaching Clojure, and would like to discuss teaching. Beginners to Clojure, beginners to programming. Teodor note: would be interesting to hear about the experience of teaching programming with