Factorio dedicated server


I want to host a dedicated Factorio server!


Reading https://wiki.factorio.com/Multiplayer

Looks like there’s a headless binary distribution - they are referrring to a factorio executable.

And it’s possible to control settings for map generation and maps.

Create a save and run run the server 1

# This creates a new save, as if by clicking the New Game button in the GUI
$ ./bin/x64/factorio --create ./saves/my-save.zip
# This starts a server that will host the file created on the previous line
$ ./bin/x64/factorio --start-server ./saves/my-save.zip

Create a save and run the server 2 - while controlling settings

./bin/x64/factorio --create saves/my-save.zip --map-gen-settings my-map-gen-settings.json --map-settings my-map-settings.json
./bin/x64/factorio --start-server-load-latest --server-settings ./data/server-settings.json

Q: Where do I find documentation for the JSON in server-settings and map-settings?

A1: found official docs for CLI arguments: https://wiki.factorio.com/Command_line_parameters

A2: found more:

–map-gen-settings FILE

Map generation settings for use with –create, –start-server-load-scenario or –generate-map-preview. See data/map-gen-settings.example.json

Interlude - I like the Factorio CLI.

Found default conf yay

Look here:

ls *settings.json