Systems Thinking - Notes and Resources, by Robert Stuttaford


Why is this interesting?

  1. I’m interested in “sociotechnological systems” – especially commentary by folks open to discussing, not just wanting people to read their book
  2. The use of “Notion as knowledge base” is interesting
    1. Note - he also has a website. So I assume Notion is better for “getting things done” for him than just using the website for everything. And I assume he keeps the website so that he can control the layout completely.

On systems thinking


A system is not the sum of its parts, but rather the product of its interactions.

Yup! Relations, relations.

I enjoy this presentation.


Categories of waste

Reminds me of my own attitude towards work in progress. It’s bad. From my Aphorisms:

10 - When in doubt, do that which builds trust.

11 - When still in doubt, do that which reifies and distributes intent.

12 - When still in doubt, reduce WIP.

13 - When STILL in doubt, improve your specific & general feedback loops.

Also, see OGGPOW: A strategic framework for optionality.