tech learning ladder


Timestamp: 2023-05-01

As a technology person, what might I want to learn?

That’s a hard question. Our industry is moving, and our tools are changing. And as we get better, the speed of change increases.

I don’t presume to hold a final answer to what’s worth learning. In this list, I’ll aim for:

  1. Clarity
  2. Then lindy compatibility (where possible)

Technologist practice map

In practice, we deliver value. What practices (techne) are worth knowing?


Technologist theory map

Certain theories (episteme) are useful. Here’s a place to start:

That’s all for level 1. Topics that can be postponed are put below the “fold” (the horizontal line)

Onto level 2: advanced skills!

Spør etter: under hver kategori, hva bør vi gjøre?

Helst: så vi er klare for nyansatte i august.

teodor sammendrag

  1. viktige spørsmål:
    1. hvordan skal vi bruke lista til å hjelpe nyansatte denne uka?
    2. hvordan skal vi bruke lista til å hjelpe de som starter i august?
  2. skal vi bruke kateogriene til å holde oversikt over “artifacts” (feks sammendrag spillutvikling)?

lista er fin. Spørsmålet er /“hva gjør vi nå???”/