Design in Practice


By Rich Hickey (2023). Slides.

Scope, copied from first slide:

Objective - Demystify Design

    not (just) going to the hammock
    practice - ‘what you do’

concrete techniques with tangible outputs
demonstrable progress ‘walk forward’
activities you can make PM stories out of

    thus make time for, throughout the dev process
    not pleading for 2 weeks of nebulous ‘hammock time’ up front

valuable artifacts that make the effort evident

tips and techniques, not a formal method or anything highfalutin

Big chart / graph / map of all the things in the talk and how they relate, by flowthing:

Don’t know if this is useful to anyone but me (the most useful part was probably the making of it), but on the off chance that it is, I’ve been working on this mind map of the “Design in Practice” talk:

It’s a great talk, but there’s so much information that it’s hard for me to keep track of the relationships between things without some help. It obviously doesn’t include everything discussed in the talk, but maybe it’s better than nothing.

—flowthing (source)