Rich Hickey


Rich Hickey is a computer programmer and speaker, known as the creator of the Clojure programming language.

Rich Hickey content referenced on this site:

Title Description Year
Simple Made Easy simplicity: what, how and why 2011
The Language of the System on system design 2012
Design, Composition, and Performance what is design? 2013
Design in Practice how to design software 2023
Maybe Not how to treat partial information 2018
The Value of Values immutability: what, how and why 2012
Hammock Driven Development perhaps think first, code later? 2010

Do you want even more Rich Hickey content? Talles L has collected links to almost Rich Hickey has presented. Matthias Nehlsen has also collected and transcribed Clojure-related talks. Note: those two URLs contain a lot of content, I’m estimating more than 100 hours of video.