I want to learn design


This page is really an open problem. Or an interesting problem. Perhaps “interesting problem” is a better category than “open problem.”

Things I want to be able to

What is design?

Copied over from my notes on The Beginning of Infinity:

My definition of design, influenced by David Deutsch and Rich Hickey and Zach Tellman:

Design is the art of tastefully narrowing the distance between elegant, ergonomic, general tools and effective application in specific context. (left is unnamed, right is Utility is Contextual) (see also The Beginning of Infinity, which heavily influenced this statement) (I think left might be aesthetics & beauty. or elegance.)

So what?


I don’t have the ground rules in place. I don’t know basics in typography. I don’t know color theory. When I just put things around, it looks bad. I want to fix that.

A list of my half-baked design efforts

Hmm, I want “teodor designs stuff” discoverable from the index by means of page metadata.