Open problems


Structure by idea, not by time.

List of problems I want to grapple with.

Front ’n center problems

Empty here for new. Need to brew some more.

Brewing problems / problem options / nexus of problems

Gotta catch them all!

Working properly with strategic initiatives

Ever since I went into IT in 2019, I’ve felt shackled by the time horizon of the teams I’ve been working with. Where is the long term thinking? For Unicad, it’s vital that we’re able to work with what matters long term. Research is a better analogy for much of what we do than “coding stuff”.

See also:

See also: Why don’t we have a strategy?

2022-09-17 - review

New relevant page: OGGPOW: A non-coercive strategic framework.

C, OpenGL / Graphics, WebGL

What? Problem? Are C and OpenGL problems?

Initial rambling

Well, not really. But there’s stuff here I want to learn.

What specifically?

  1. I want to be able to write code that uses the memory effectively. For that, I believe minimal distance between me and the memory is the way to go. So go C!
  2. I want to understand how to think about memory layouts. What does it feel like when there’s just me, the computer and its memory?
  3. I want to be able to draw high-performance graphics!
  4. I want to be able to write high-performance code.

Wait, what I really want is GPU-powered visualization.

Which I can get with Mathbox. Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Reframe: I want to create visualizations that have the same power as ABAQUS viewer.


What is the list of concepts a new developer should be introduced to?

Motivating context

A new developer arrives. We want to:


We build our knowledge as a language. We prioritize its words. For those words, we write motivating essays.

How can I communicate properly on the web that my page is only a reference?

Case: I want to create “intermediate” pages for remote references. But I don’t want the to create confusion about what the canonical page for something is. How can I achieve that?

Ideally, there’s some HTTP / HTML stuff. A W3C spec or something. “Please do not treat this page as canonical”. I want to ask Sindre, Oddmund, Richard and Sean about this.

HTTP redirect.

Remote references must be presented properly on the index.

Right now, they are lumped in with “seeds”.

Closed problems


Getting cross-article Org-roam links working

I honestly cannot be bothered to maintain links to specific article IDs. Especially before I’ve shared them for public consumption. Meaning “Ready for comments” and above.

  1. 2022-09-17 FIxed!

Rewrite p and teod_fzf_cd to babashka

Here’s the ZSH code:

teod_fzf_cd () {
    folders=$(cd "$root" && find . -mindepth "$depth" -maxdepth "$depth" | sed "s|^./||g" | sort )
    folder=$(echo "$folders" | fzf)
    cd "$root/$folder"

Why babashka?

  1. I prefer to maintain Clojure code to maintain ZSH code.
  2. Wait, I need a wrapper regardless. Otherwise cd doesn’t work.
  1. 2022-09-17 probably don’t want to do that.

  2. 2022-09-25 this is a special case of dbx!

    I want to make eu.teod/dbx: a toolkit for building your own personal knowledge base instead.


A generic place to store data



“Personal information architecture”

  1. 2022-09-17 I haven’t had much need yet.

    Just plaintext is nice. But it limits interactivity.

  2. 2022-09-25 Closing this one.



Open problems require curation

  1. Writing a list of open problems, then never revisiting doesn’t work
  2. Just because I’ve written a problem down doesn’t make it important.
  3. I need to balance focus on new, interesting things with revisiting old stuff.

Possible actions.

  1. Restructure this page as a log. Add new entries to the log. Review old entries from the log.
  2. Enable viewing the open problems as a list
    1. Is “open problem” a page type?
    2. Kinda looks like it
    3. That would make listing open problems “possible”
      1. And I could create a “go to random open problem” button.



  1. Open problems are nice. I want to continue this path.
  2. Attention design is important. What problems are on top? For this, just copy the structure from other places.
  3. New problems!
    1. Define phenomenology
    2. Define existentialism
    3. Create a data visualization gallery