Open source WIP


Open source tasks I want to help out on.

See also Teodor codes for coding things that are more fluffy, earlier.

TODO Neil: maintain alphabetical ordering of deps

I asked for this:

Personally, I like to keep my :deps in sorted order. One possible way of doing it, is:

  1. Check of existing deps is in sorted order (for example with rewrite-edn)
  2. if yes, add the new dep into the sorted order instead of at the end.

Is that something you’d like to add to Neil?

There’s already an issue:

TODO Emmy: build SI Units

  1. I asked for this
  2. I tried, but got stuck (it was hard)

TODO Clerk: help debug bugs

  1. At first, I thought I’d found a bug
  2. After some help from Andrea Amantini, it appears I’d experienced two bugs
  3. Andrea asked about which bug I was really experiencing
  4. I said I’d help, but havent helped yet (per 2024-04-13)


DONE Report Pandoc bug