Teodor codes


Coding things I may want to pursue, and progress on each.

See also Open source WIP which is “narrower”, less vague.



I believe these reasons fit well together.

If I should start coding and have someone “join”, there should be an explicit goal. Or a list of options from which we can select a goal.

This document answers that need.

Coding goals

Create a live chat for play.teod.eu that runs on application.garden

Progress: none

Create a small note taking system that runs on application.garden


Progress: some design notes in repo README.

SI units into Emmy

Progress: started, long way to finish.

A Babashka meetup for clojure-oslo


A slideshow system in pure babashka


Pair programming - make pandocjson2hiccup together

Goal: babashka script

Well-defined task, should be possible to do something practical in 30 minutes.


Idea, creation, yey.

I have previous “systems” for “keeping track of unknown unknowns”. See Open problems. I now believe that list of problems was too wide. Not practical. I think sticking to code might be a narrower, better problem statement.

My other new page Open source WIP bears resemblemnce.